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- Swiss Fish&chips Restaurant

- Swimming Pool

- Coffee and Tea

- Souvenir Shop

- Fitness and Sauna

- Sheep Farm

- Stable

- Vineyard

- Rose Garden

- Golf Driving Range



    Because it is not far from Bangkok , Swiss Valley Hip Resort is a Mediterranean-style design of the building. The interior is a strange feeling different in order to get them frequently. Change in the behind under the social European style.        The European, French and Spanish.

    Unique to create a rich experience, but it's still a peaceful as well as facilities for relaxation such as swimming pool, fitness games and amazing restaurants and a coffee shop and a souvenir wine products, wine, wine and spa. fulfilling holiday experience for everyone and we will give a program to promote conservation. And the resort as well. To ensure that everyone has been involved in. Campaign to reduce global warming. Help make the world beautiful by nature.